Tell a better story

Whether searching for your next boat or marketing the one you have, sharing boating adventures with the world, or just armchair sailing, BoaterBase® is the unique new platform that’s perfect for telling your boats’ story.

A new way to showcase your boats

It all starts by telling a better story. With galleries that support images and video, you can highlight major features, then drill down to the details. The quick gallery catches their eye as they scroll down the page, making mobile presentations more effective.

  • No more cookie cutter listings

    Featuring a powerful multimedia gallery and customizable content blocks, BoaterBase® creates content that makes it easier than ever for you to create beautiful multimedia presentations.

  • Know who's interested

    Direct contact from the listing immediately sends notifications to the profile owner, whether it’s a message or someone following your listing and it’s updates.

  • No limits on what you're selling

    We support multiple boats or product and price points within a single listing, making our format efficient for new boat dealers and charter operators.

A better way to sell boats

Don't wait for them to stumble across what you have to offer. BoaterBase® is both a listing site AND a marketing engine. We've maximized both presentation value and market reach capabilities with our unique platform.

  • Make Social work for you with focused response

    Share your listings to your favorite social sites with the click of a button, always driving views back to your site or listing without the distraction of other information

  • Reach out to your market

    Create ‘collections’ of your inventory and install them in your website, or anywhere you have script access.

  • Direct Marketing Built In

    Things change. Boats don't stay in one place. When you blog and/or update the pro listing your ‘followers’ can automatically be notified, making fast work of your marketing efforts or adventures. In the meantime, you know everyone who is serious about your listing.

  • Premium Services

    Spend more time getting and selling listings and less time in the office! Let BoaterBase create professional muiltimedia listings and manage them across all your online sites.

Website Add-on

Build your brokerage website or landing pages on the BoaterBase platform and integrate your amazing boat listings instantly.

  • Easy as 1-2-3 - for a fraction of the cost.

    Create an instantly functional company website based on your profile, then add custom pages for all your listings services and product line. Be seen on all devices with the technology that delivers outstanding image, video and content delivery, everywhere on our cloud.

  • Build beautiful, engaging web pages.

    Create video and/or carousel headers, include image galleries with custom captions and creative layouts, inject raw html and scripting options for calendars, booking and payment systems and more.

  • Integrated Communication

    Automate your news, promotions, team, contact information and social media support.

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