Achilles SG Series

by Miles Brugmann
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Achilles SG boats offer a roomy, square bow configuration which provides room for extra gear, and an aluminum and fiberglass floor system* which delivers superior rigidity and durability. Achilles SG Sport boats bring performance and practicality together for better diving, fishing, or all-around sport boating pleasure. They are also perennial rescue and emergency boat favorites of fire departments, first responders and others around the world.

Our newest addition to the SG Sport Utility series is the SG-140SV. This new model shares most of the same standard features and specifications as our traditional SG-140 model, but incorporates intercommunicating valves and over-pressure relief valves in all the main air tube chambers. These additions give the end user the ability to inflate the entire boat (except for the keel) from a single inflation point using an SCBA or SCUBA compressed air bottle or tank. It also allows for each chamber to be isolated in the event of damage to one of the chambers. This new inflation system is completely internal so there are no external hoses or hardware to get in the way. Although this is our first offering in the SG-SV series, we anticipate additional features and sizes to be added in the future. Currently available in Black only.

Achilles SG 124

Length: 12'4" Beam: 5'3" Weight: 175 lb Max HP: 35
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Achilles SG 140

Length: 14'0" Beam: 5'9" Weight: 226 lb Max HP: 50
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Achilles SG 156

Length: 15'6" Beam: 6'3" Weight: 272 lb Max HP: 55
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Achilles SG 140SV Black

Length: 14'0" Beam: 5'9" Weight: 226 Max HP: 50
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