Highfield Classic Series Aluminum RIB

by Miles Brugmann
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Extra level of comfort for this double deck hulled dinghy that will keep your feet dry. The high quality finish and luxury look belies the fact that this range of tenders has been designed to work hard. A durable aluminium hull coupled with full length keel guards make these ideal for those beach-hopping days with friends and family.

The Highfield Classic line of aluminum RIBs have an innovative double deck hull design that allows for water to drain beneath deck, keeping your feet and gear dry. The welded-in bow locker is large enough for a 3 gallon fuel tank, and with the double deck hull design, the fuel line can be run below the deck to the outboard motor at the transom. This not only provides added weight to keep the bow down but also keeps the fuel tank out of the boater's way at the stern.

From the 310 model up an optional tubular helm is available, converting an open tender to a console boat with steering wheel (remote motor required).

CL 260

Length: 8'6" Beam: 5'7" Weight: 115 lb Max HP: 8
Price on Request

CL 290

Length: 9'6" Beam: 5'7" Weight: 126 Max HP: 10
Price on Request

CL 310

Length: 10'2" Beam: 5'7" Weight: 132 lb Max HP: 20
Price on Request

CL 340

Length: 11'2" Beam: 5'7" Weight: 154 lb Max HP: 25
Price on Request

Cl 360

Length: 11'8" Beam: 5'7" Weight: 163 lb Max HP: 25
Price on Request

CL 380

Length: 12'6" Beam: 5'7" Weight: 181 Max HP: 30
Price on Request


Length Overall:3.1m
Length At Waterline:2.23m
Material:aluminum, PVC tube

Deck Equipment

Self-draining deck



Removable seat


Safety Gear

Anti-slip deck




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