Achilles FRB Series, Fire Rescue Boat

by Miles Brugmann
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A versatile utility boat that’s ready to go in minutes. Designed originally as quick response boats for fire departments and rescue units, these aluminum floor roll ups can fill a variety of functions. Extremely lightweight, they are easy to store or carry and can be set up in minutes. Equipped with pressure relief valves, they can be inflated either by compressed air bottles or the standard equipment foot pump. In addition to their Achilles CSM fabric, their additional special features like abrasion wear patches and removable storage bags make them practical alternatives for tackling a range of jobs on the water.

Achilles FRB 104 Fire Rescue Boat

Length: 10'4" Beam: 5'2" Weight: 108 lb Max HP: 15
Price on Request

Achilles FRB 124 Fire Rescue Boat

Length: 12'4" Beam: 5'3" Weight: 154 Max HP: 25
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Length Overall:10
Material:Achilles CSM, aluminum


Four Layer Seam Construction


Deep "V" Inflatable Keel


Aluminum Roll- Up Floor

nonskid panels, fiberglass encased v-shaped transom with protective motor clamp plate

Two Paddles

with interior tie-downs

Towing Bridle D-rings


Full-Length Splash Guard with Life Lines


Abrasion Patches


Five Interior Tie Down Rings


Full Length Teardrop Rubbing Strake


Foot Pump and Maintenance Kit




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